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3D Pen RP800A for 3D Drawing with free Filament - 3d printer pen - 3d handle for artist

3D Pen RP800A for 3D Drawing with free Filament - 3d printer pen - 3d handle for artist

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  • Model: 3D Pen RP800A
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Production description

3D Pen-RP800A with OLED display makes 4 bigger improvements than normal and old type of 3D pens, better operation on 3D drawing and doodling 
Model number: RP800A - , 
Pen Weight: 40g 
Dimensions: 6.89in x 0.67in x 0.79in(17.5cm x 1.7cm x 2cm) 
Color: White,Blue,Yellow
Extrusion: Hot melt extrusion molding accumulation Forming 
3D Print Range: Indefinite Spinning speed 
Adjustable Heating temperature: 130-240 degrees, OLED display show temperature 
Printing material: ABS, PLA 3D filament refill 
Device operating voltage: DC 5V 2A 10W 
Power supply: AC/DC adapter, or power bank 
Nozzle: 0.6mm 
Speed: stepless adjust speed, double click to continue feeding filament 
Interested groups: Painters, product designers, hobbyists, children, students, etc. 
Design highlights: Prolonged use doesn't cause FLAC fatigue 
Lightweight design: Easy to handle 
Heating coil and a nozzle cartridge design 
Temperature adjustable design Intelligent standby, functional design 

Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement 
The slender pen body suits hands habit 
The stepless speed change by single hand Intelligence standby modes 
Super silence design 
Adjustable temperature for ABS and PLA filaments by key and display 

Packing list : 
1 x 3D printing pen 
1 x 5V 2A Power Adapter 
1 x USB cable 
3 x Filaments, each color 3 meters (10g), 3 color are random 
1 x Plastic Screwdriver 
1 x English Manual 

3D Pen RP-800A with OLED Display-Blue / Version 4 Generation Makes 4 Bigger Improvements Better Operations /3D Pen+Power Adaptor+ABS Filaments +Manul+ screwdriver / Amazing Gift for Kids

1. DRAW YOUR BETTER DREAM ! 3D Pen-RP800A, version 4 generation, make many bigger improvements than any old type of 3D pens, bring you better 3D drawing feeling. It is amazing gift for Kids over 8 years old, also is better selection for kid birthday gift, this pen replaces ink with plastic which melted at a high temperature to create a 3D object instead of just an idea on paper. It can be used to draw in the air or on surface as well as tracing objects on paper.
2. MORE SLIM DESIGN AND SHORT LENGTH, DISPLAY FOR TEMPERATURE SHOW for easy control on different filaments like ABS and PLA, normal 3D pen has 65g weight and 184mm length, 3D Pen-RP800A only 40g weight and 175mm length, it is easy to hold for kids, drawing become more comfortable
3. DON'T FEEL TIRED EVEN DRAW LONG TIME, we make big upgrade design on  3D Pen RP800A, double click load button, may continue drawing and don't need press load button continuously, (old type 3D pen, you must press load button continuously, if you stop press, load will stop, feel tired if draw long time due to continuously press feed button ), if you want to unload filament, double click unload button by same way, it save a lot of energy, even you draw long time, you don't feel tired.
4. DRAW IN OUTDOOR BY POWER BANK, normal 3D pens use power adapter, only can be used indoor.  3D Pen-RP800A, use USB cable with adapter, you may use power adapter indoor, you also may use power bank by USB cable connection, and draw in outdoor
5. MORE EASY TO TAKE OUT NOZZLE FOR REPLACEMENT. normal 3D pen nozzle is too tight and difficult to be taken out for replacement.  3D Pen-RP800A made improvement, just open the cover, and loose the nut by screwdriver, can change the nozzle easily